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WiFi Monetization Solution

NexNet Solutions provides internet service provider different ways to open new revenue streams by leveraging internet services.


WiFi Monetization Scenarios

NexNet Solutions’ WiFi Monetization solution enables service providers to meet the emerging demand of mobile data offload through Wi-Fi to alleviate existing challenges in network congestion. It’s a future-ready platform comprising of authentication (EAP SIM/AKA & non-EAPSIM), billing, captive portal, location-aware services, subscriber analytics, mobile app and integration with Mobile core. The solution is highly interoperable and supports innovative business models along with multiple off-the-shelf, use cases.


NexNet Solutions offering for Wi Fi Monetization:


  1. Location Aware
  2. Roaming & Partner settlement
  3. Mobile App Connect Client
  4. Property Management System Integrator Module for Hospitality Solution
  5. Subscriber Analytics