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NexNet Wi-Fi Mobile Data Offload Solution

by / Sunday, 21 April 2013 / Published in WiFi

The Rising trend of 2G/3G mobile data traffic and its escalating growth at 10.8 Exabyte per month by 2016 (an 18 fold increase over 2011) has kept people thinking, how to cater to the growing demand of ubiquitous connectivity and enhanced customer experience in terms of rich digital content and applications. In order to mitigate this problem, one needs to add more data capacity which in turn leads to increased Capex/Opex for operators.

Mobile Data Off-load

Mobile Data Off-load

NexNet Mobile Data Offload Solution offers operators a carrier-grade platform to enable mobile data offload to Wi-Fi networks alleviating congestion on cellular networks, It seamlessly addresses their challenges of Authentication, Billing and integration with Mobile core while catering to different business case scenarios.

  • Value Add for Operators
    • Augment cellular network capacity and extend reach with Wi-Fi
    • Offloading to Wi-Fi can help in reducing the congestion in the existing 3G network and hence enhance the user experience
    • Increase addressable market size and share of-wallet
  • Value add for Subscribers
    • Carrier-grade quality on service security and resiliency, compared to ad hoc and unmanaged Wi-Fi hotspots.
    • Enables Wi-Fi roaming plan and avoids bill shock for business travelers
    • Multiple devices under a single data plan (smartphones and tablets)

NexNet Solution is among the few who truly know what it takes to offer end-to-end Wi-Fi Off-Load solution, we can help you design, develop and deploy optimal solution for your needs. Contact us on +971 4 427 8665 or email us today.